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We make your WiFi work for you.
 Stop providing WiFi at a cost - let it make you money.

Flexible WiFi Solutions.

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How tive works

The Packages

There are options for every kind of business. Tive's secure cloud based authentication process can make your WiFi login easy, provide marketing material, or generate revenue for your business.

Programmatic Ads
Combination of surveys, videos, and static ads to generate revenue. GENERATES REVENUE
Local Ads
Through our UI you can advertise local businesses. GENERATES REVENUE
Self Promotion
Bring in more customers - get more newsletter signups, provide coupons, and more. MARKETING
We'll build a solution that is perfect for your business. HYBRID

The Possibilities

Security is Important

The Tive captive portal is secure, you aren't responsible for your WiFi security.

Custom Solutions

Let us create a solution for you. Whether you want a newsletter signup, video ad, or menu displayed - we can do that.

Personal Advertising

Advertise to customers in the newest and most personal ad platform.

Business Analytics

See how your WiFi is working for you, with informative analytics.

Our Solutions

For Hotels

For Small Businesses

For Events


Make your WiFi free for users, fast, and profitable

We will work with you to subsidize a new network, if needed, to increase speeds and customer satisfaction. Users will be able to login with ease, decreasing complaints and helping your ratings.

Tive Hotel WiFi Advertising
Tive Restaurant WiFi

Small Business

Customers expect free WiFi, why not use it to your benefit? If you're in a high traffic area or having consistently high WiFi connections, then you can use Tive to offer coupons, ads, or other content to the most pertinent customers.

Secure Connections

Your users will be authenticated using secure and safe methods.

Custom Solution

We can build a solution that is perfect for your business, whether it is a coffee shop or restaurant.


Provide free WiFi at your events that works for you

Large, and small, events take a lot of planning. Now that people expect WiFi, it's an added cost - but Tive can turn it into a beneficial and profitable service for you to provide.

Tive Event WiFi

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The Team
(We've got you covered)

From technical skill to marketing genius, we will make TIVE work for your business.

Chris Fowles - Tive CTO
Chris Fowles

Christian Wutz - Tive CMO
Christian Wutz

Kevin Corelli - Tive COO
Kevin Corelli

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